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What is shot peening?

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    The shot peening process began in the 1920s and 1930s with the impact of a high-speed moving projectile on the metal surface to create a plastic cyclic strain layer on the surface, which resulted in a favorable change in the microstructure of the layer. Introducing the surface layer into the residual compressive stress field, the microstructure and residual compressive stress field of the surface layer are two strengthening factors to improve the fracture resistance and stress corrosion (hydrogen embrittlement) fracture resistance of metal parts, and the results make the parts reliable and durable. Sexual gains.

    Wear, corrosion and fracture are the three main failure modes of engineering metal parts. Among them, the damage caused by fracture failure is the biggest, and the largest proportion of fracture failure is fatigue fracture. 40%-50%, military and aviation aircraft parts up to 90%. The shot peening process is not limited by the type of material, is not limited by the static strength of the material, is not limited by the geometry and size of the parts, and is incomparable to other strengthening processes in terms of strengthening effect. Therefore, shot peening Since the advent of the technology, it has immediately attracted great attention from the machine manufacturing industry in industrialized countries, and has gained extensive development and application. It is still in the ascendant...
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